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Situated along the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border approximately 75 km north of the Canada/United States border, the R.M. of Wallace has a distinct advantage when it comes to any kind of industry or trade. Placed roughly halfway between Winnipeg and Regina, two of North America's longest highways intersect here to create large opportunities with a small population of 1547. Wallace was established out of Dennis County in 1886, and early Councils were instrumental in initiating such programs as the Manitoba Good Roads Program. Wallace was also one of the first rural areas in Manitoba to receive telephone service. Read more...

Our Mission

The Mission of the Council of the RM. of Wallace is to provide leadership and promote the municipality's commitment to planning , services, and fiscal responsibility to show this Municipality, within the community, as an excellent place to live, work and carry our business now and in the future.



Oct 23, 2014

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July 15, 2014

There have been several reports of “Road Closed Signs” and snowfences closing roads being removed and/or relocated. It is important to remember that roads are closed due to hazardous driving conditions. Opening a closed road may result in an accident causing serious injury or worse. Anyone caught opening closed roads will be turned into the RCMP for prosecution. We are aware that several roads that do not normally see heavy traffic are open and being utilized. We ask for the patience of the residents on these roads. We are working diligently to open the normal routes these trucks use as fast as possible. However, this process will take several weeks. As normal routes are being opened, we are re-routing the heavy traffic to these routes and closing the other routes. Patience and tolerance are needed during these times to ensure that we are able to carry on normal business in the municipality.

July 10, 2014

As part of our Emergency Measures Organization Community Impact Assessment we require information regarding private property damage. If your home, farm, or business suffered damages we ask that you provide our office with information as to whether your property had major damage, minor damage or was destroyed. Please provide this information via email to Heather at assistant@rmofwallace.com or call our office at (204) 748-1239. Please pass this request on so that our information is as accurate as possible.

Jan 23, 2014
Public Notice - Road Closing By Law

Jan 21, 2014
DEVELOPMENT PLAN - Trans Canada West Planning District

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Oct 21, 2014

Notice of Public Hearing

Oct 20, 2014

Current List of Road Closures

- Rd. 62N - 3 miles between Rd. 161W and Rd. 164W
- Rd. 154W – 1 mile between Rd. 64N and Rd. 65N

Oct 20, 2014

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Oct 15, 2014

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Sept 18, 2014

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Sept 04, 2014

The Council of the Rural Municipality of Wallace would like to notify our residents and ratepayers of an emergency borrowing. Due to the 2014 flood damages and the requirement to repair the roads within the R.M. of Wallace, Council felt it necessary to arrange a $5 million line of credit with the Sunrise Credit Union. As this was done during an emergency and is solely for the repairs of flood damages and will be repaid upon receipt of funds from Disaster Financial Assistance we were not required to hold a public hearing and go through a normal borrowing process. Council did however, feel an obligation to provide this information to you, the ratepayers. It is also important to note that this line of credit expires at December 31, 2014 or when claims from Disaster Financial Assistance have been finalized, whichever is soonest.

Aug 25, 2014

Public Notice: Board of Revision - View Here

July 24, 2014

Well Shock Chlorination Program - VIEW HERE

July 18, 2014

PHOTO - Road 63 West - VIEW HERE

July 14, 2014

R.M. of Wallace has suffered extensive infrastructure damage as a result of the heavy rains and the subsequent flooding. In total there were 211 sites where there was damage on our roads, 50 of which require major repairs. Compare this to the flood of 2011 where we had 150 sites which required repairs. What a difference one week makes, crews have repaired 102 sites to date. Three major repair sites are near conclusion, one of which being Hazco Road. Crews continue to work diligently in all areas of the municipality to open up as many roads to our residents as quickly as possible. Please use caution when traveling on all municipal roads and refrain from going down roads that have been marked closed. We would like to take this moment to thank our transportation department for their continued dedication, and to the residents of the R.M. for their patience and understanding during this time.


June 19, 2014

By-Law - Aggragate Mining and Transportation...

May 06, 2014

The bridge located along Rd. 154W, between Rd. 64N and Rd. 65N has now been closed until further notice.

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